Links to helpful websites with a brief description.

Resource Sharing

Mosaiced - Site for medical student to share notes and useful resources.


Ward Round Survival Guide - Blog with some tips on how to survive Ward Rounds


Epocrates Online - Free online source of drugs, trade names, doses, adverse effects and contraindication. Uses American names but is free.
Pharmacology Mnemonics - Mnemonics for drugs


Endocrine Anatomy - Website by Mr Bill Fleming, Endocrine Surgeon at Western Health and Austin Hospital, Melbourne.


Victor Chong's Neurology - Public notes on many neurological diseases and differentials by a neurology consultant at Western Hospital, Melbourne
Clinical Medicine
Almost a Doctor - Comprehensive revision notes at guides for medical students. Also a wiki.
BMJ Best Practice - Very detailed information on over 1000 diseases and presentations. Requires unimelb login.
Merck Manuals - Free online version of the well known books.
OSCEs and Clinical Examinations
A Practical Guide to Clinical Medicine - Clinical Examination guides with pictures
Easy Auscultation - Site with recordings of heart and lung sounds as well as interactive cases
OSCE Notes - Site detailing expected history questions and examination steps in a particular presentation
Geeky Medics - Helpful Video Tutorials for OSCEs.
Life in the Fast Lane - Very Useful Emergency Medicine Guide with information on presentations, treatment and test results.