1 - Homepage Link

Links to Hompage.

2 - Projects

Projects can be made by organisers.

3 - Recent Changes

Allows users to view recent changes by Project, username and date.

4 - Pages and Files

Allows users to search pages and files by Project, file type and tag.

5 - Members

Allows users to search other users and message them.

6 - Search

Allows users to search pages on the wiki.

7 - User Tab

Links to messages, dashboard, other wikis the user is part of, help page and sign out.

8 - Edit Tab

more information on edit tab
Allows users to edit pages.

9 - Discussion Tab

Allows users to have a discussion on the page. Also lists comments made by users on the page.

10 - Revisions Tab

Shows previous versions of the page and allows comparisons.

11 - More Options Tab

Gives users some other options for the page. Most importantly allows users to add and delete tags to a page, rename or redirect a page, follow a page or discussion (Notify) and view backlinks (ie a list of pages that link to this page).

Edit toolbar

For more information on the editor toolbar visit the Help wiki: Editor Toolbar

12 - Formatting

Allows text to be bolded, italicised, underlined, have its colour and style (eg font, alignment) changed. For determining the hexadecimal code for a particular colour visit HTML colour picker.

13 - Headings

Allows headings to be made. When a Table of contents is added, headings will automatically appear in the contents.

14 - More Formatting

Bullet points and horizontal rule.

15 - Link

Allows users to link text to other pages on the wiki, an anchor on the same page or a different page or to an external website.
An anchor is text, an image, or another object that can be linked to. It is used to save scrolling on long pages. An example on this page is the 'more information on edit tab' under 8-edit tab. Anchors are added by using widgets.

16 - File

Allows files to be added. It is advisable that images are uploaded rather than linked to as it is possible for links to be broken.

17 - Widgets

A widget is a piece of media (like a video, a calendar, or dozens of other media types) that can be embedded into a wiki page. The Widget tool on your editor toolbar lets you embed almost any kind of media.

Some widgets perform Wikispaces-specific functions:
  • Table of Contents: Place a Table of Contents at the top of your page that will automatically include any paragraph that has been formatted as a Heading.
  • Reference: Create footnotes for your wiki page.
  • RSS feed: Embed relevant RSS feeds into your page.
  • Contents of a Wiki Page: Display everything that is in the content area of another page on your wiki.
  • List of Wiki Pages: Display a list of all the pages on your wiki, up to the number of pages you indicate (10 is the default).
  • list of Wikis: Display of all the wikis that the viewer is a member of, or all the wikis in the viewer's My Wikis list, up to the number of wikis you indicate (10 is the default).
  • Discussion Area: Display a summary of the most recent activity on the Discussion area of any page on your wiki. By default, this will be the 10 most recent posts on the current page, but those settings are easy to modify.
  • Page History: Display a list of the most recent edits to any page on your wiki. By default, this will be the 10 most recent edits on the current page, but those settings are easy to modify.
  • List of Links to a Page: Display a list of all the other pages in the wiki that link to any page in your wiki. By default, this will be the first 10 backlinks for the current page, but those settings are easy to modify.
  • Tag Cloud: Display a visual representation of all the tags in your wiki. The more a tag has been used, the more emphasis it gets in the cloud — so tags that you use a lot will be bigger and bolder than less-used tags.
  • Top Contributors: Display a list of the users who make the most edits to your wiki, along with their user icons.
  • Insert Special Character: Add symbols, accented letters, etc.
  • Insert Code: Add code to your page that will be displayed as code and inside a code box.

18 - Table

Allows users to add a table.

19 - Comment

Allows users to highlight text and add a comment. This is useful if you think that information on a page is incorrect and you would prefer to check with the author of the page before changing it.

20 - Undo/ Redo

Allows users to undo/ redo the last action they made on the edit screen.

21 - Save

Allows users to preview the page before saving, save the page or cancel all edits they have made.

22 - Save options

Allows users to 'Save with a comment' if people want to add a summery of their edit. Also allows users to view wikitext (the code) - this is for true nerds only.