This is a list of guidelines for how to use this wiki. Further detail to be added.
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Primary Principal - Common Sense

PCPaedia is designed to be a place for medical students to contribute to a community where knowledge is shared. There should therefore be no strict rules governing how this website operates. If common sense principals are applied then there should be no need for admin intervention. If it doesn't belong on other websites then it probably doesn't belong here. If individuals go against the notion of community spirit and mutual respect then temporary or permanent bans may apply. Treat this website as if it is your notes and worthy of respect. Sabotage and deletion of valuable content as well as trolling will not be tolerated.

Respect others

It goes without saying that you should treat all others with respect and that includes members of this site, other medical students, lecturers and education staff, hospital staff and patients (and hopefully by now you should realise that everyone is worthy of respect on this page). If you feel another student is incorrect on a page, discussion is encouraged but be careful with language use. Pretend you are talking to a patient and treat them the same way. Personal attacks, non-constructive criticism of others' work, bullying, harassment, racism and sexism go against the community spirit and will be treated seriously


Pages of the same type need to have the same structure so that there is consistency on the wiki. For more information visit wiki structure.

Be bold but not reckless

If you spot an error, correct it. If you can improve an article, please do so. It is important, however, to distinguish boldness from recklessness. Start off small. Begin by making minor modifications to existing articles before attempting a complete rewrite of a page. Don't be intimidated, the worst that can happen is that the article will be reverted to an earlier version if your edit was not deemed to be an improvement. Remember that this is a community and it is important not to trample over another person's work. If there is debate over a point in an article it is possible to present multiple points of view.

Know your audience

At Present PCPaedia is designed as a resource for Medical students at the University of Melbourne. It should therefore have better information than Cancer Council of Victoria or some Wikipedia pages but it does not require the depth of Medscape or BMJ Online. This is meant to be a resource that will be helpful at an MD2 level. It is likely that this will be built on in future years.

Be Concise
PCPaedia should be thought of as a point of reference rather than the ultimate source of all knowledge. It is better if individual pages have important information that can be found quickly and links and references to resources with more detail.

Reference sources
Referencing is important for maintaining that information on PCPaedia is from credible sources. It is not essential to make sure that the resources are referenced in a particular style rather that a student could easily verify the information provided.

Do not infringe copyright

It is important that before any images and text are published on this site that the terms and conditions and copyright information read carefully. Any content that is published on this site is licensed for free distribution or modification provided they the creator is attributed under the Attribution Non-Commercial Creative Commons Licence 3.0


Publishing patient records, histories or commenting on patients in a way that identify them is not appropriate on this site


PCPaedia encourages the use of creativity and suggestion of new ideas. PCPaedia, although primarily for medicine content, does also have room for non-medical pages that could be of benefit to the community - a page of motivational quotes, inspirational stories from doctors, medical jokes, cat videos and so on.

Ask for help

If you are unclear on unsure what to do, or how to do it, don't be afraid to ask.
Ask questions on our questions page.